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The Steve P. Jobs Trust is going to be happy to see a new rendering of the HTC DROID DNA. As we told you yesterday, Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm puts the Trust in a position to profit from the sales of Verizon’s DROID branded phones. The rendering shows exactly what we would expect from a 5 inch phablet carrying the HTC name for Big Red, down to the red details on the device. The recently released Verizon MAP list hints at a $199.99 price for the phone with a signed two-year pact. While we’re sure that Verizon would love to get this out before the turkey is cooked on Thanksgiving, serial leakers evileaks’ tweet of the rendering included a hint that the HTC DROID DNA will launch in early December.


There haven’t been any real specs released, but the latest that we know leads us to expect a 5 inch Super LCD 2 screen with 1080p resolution. That should produce an above average pixel density for users. The processor of choice should be the quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 which is what all of the other high-end devices are wearing to school these days. That means the phone should have LTE connectivity and quad-core speed. We expect to see 2GB of RAM  with 16GB of native storage inside, and a 2500mAH battery. We are unsure if an 8MP or 12MP camera will be on the back, but it seems more certain that a 2MP front-facing shooter will be on the device. Android 4.1.1 should be installed with Sense 4+ running on top. And yes, Beats Audio technology will be on board.

Sounds like a good deal for $199.99 if that MAP price is right. This would be the third 5 incher that Verizon customers will get to choose from with the LG Intuition (forgot about that one, right?) and the upcoming Samsung GALAXY Note II (pre-orders currently accepted). The LG Intuition is priced on contract for $149.99 and the Samsung GALAXY Note II is priced at $299.99 on contract so the HTC DROID DNA could be priced at the lower end of that range.



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