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7:14 PM EDT: New York City authorities shut down power in lower Manhattan’s financial district in anticipation of increased flooding from storm surge.

7:11 PM EDT: Sandy downgraded to a post-tropical storm but still packing powerful 85 mph winds.

7:00 PM EDT: National Hurricane Center reports Sandy’s “center [is] expected to make landfall within the next hour or so.”

6:54 PM EDT:  Evacuation updates state by state.

6:50 PM EDT:  Maryland secretary of health confirms one death from storm-related crash.

6:07 PM EDT: To view breathtaking images of Hurricane Sandy, click here.

6:06 PM EDT: One crew member of the tall ship HMS Bounty remains missing. He has been identified as Robin Walbridge, 63.

(For continuing live stream coverage of Hurricane Sandy, click here.)

6:00 PM EDT: New York City power company ConEd is warning residents in low-lying, flood-prone areas,  and Manhattan residents living below 36th Street that they “may have to shut off their electrical service if the underground electrical equipment becomes inundated with water.”

5:42 PM EDT:  As of 5:15 pm Eastern time, an estimated 1,258,923 in 10 states are without power.

5:34 PM EDT:N.J. Gov. Chris Christie chastises Atlantic City Mayor  Lorenzo Langford for advising residents to take shelter rather than evacuate following his order. “We are expecting landfall in the Atlantic City area sometime in the next hour… We are no longer able to rescue people,” said Christie adding that he would not order emergency workers into the city until tomorrow morning. “For those people who ignored my warnings, this is what you have to deal with now,” he said.


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