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Every major new laptop, desktop, tablet, hybrid, and convertible launching with Windows 8 or RT.

(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET )

Dozen of new PCs are launching alongside Windows 8. Some are inventive new designs with sliding keyboards and removable screens, others are simple retreads of existing products, occasionally augmented by a new touch screen.

Here you’ll find links to all the major new Windows 8 hardware being released this holiday season, sorted by brand. Many of these systems are available to preorder now, and most will ship when Windows 8 launches on October 26 (a handful have yet to even be announced, so we’ll add those to this list when they are).

We’ve seen, tested, or reviewed many of these systems already, and will continue to add links to hands-on content and reviews, so check back regularly.

(Credit: CNET )


A big part of Acer’s Windows 8 plan is to rebrand the company as a purveyor of high-end laptops. Hence, the expensive, but very attractive, S7 ultrabook.

(Credit: CNET )


Dell has resurrected one of its most unique designs in the convertible XPS 12, formerly known as the Duo 12. It’s also one of the biggest PC makers trying out a Windows RT device.

(Credit: CNET )


HP plays it mostly safe with a collection of updated products and slightly expanded product lines, including a detachable-screen hybrid and a touch-screen laptop.

(Credit: CNET )


Lenovo is going all-in on convertible laptops, offering several variations, along with a hybrid and even a Windows RT system.


Microsoft is making a rare foray into hardware with this tablet line, highlighted by an impressive keyboard cover.

(Credit: CNET )


Samsung adds Windows 8 and touch to some of its high-design laptops, but so far doesn’t have a break-out unique product.

(Credit: CNET )


Surprisingly adventurous, Sony grabbed our attention with its 20-inch tablet/all-in-one and a cool-looking slider PC.

(Credit: CNET )


Toshiba plays it a bit too safe as well in most of these Windows 8 laptops, but it also has a take on the slider PC, which may be the most practical way to combine a laptop and tablet.

(Credit: Vizio )


The newest big Windows 8 vendor, Vizio’s Windows 8 PCs consist mostly of touch-based updates to existing models announced earlier this year.



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