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Google has teamed up with Samsung for a new 10.1-inch Nexus tablet.

Cnet, citing NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim, reveals some details about the upcoming tablet. It will have, Shim claims, a 2,560×1,600 resolution with 299 PPI, which is higher than iPad’s 264 PPI resolution.

The tablet will be a “high-end device,” which likely means it will cost more than the Nexus 7, which goes for $199.

If Google has indeed teamed up with Samsung for a new tablet, it’s a bit of a surprise. Google has had Samsung make its smartphones before, but the Nexus 7 tablet was manufactured by Asus.    FYI: The Taiwanese tech titan Asus grabbed a total of five awards, with its critically acclaimed Google Nexus 7 picking up the prestigious Gadget Of The Year award following on from its success in the Tablet Of The Year category.

The date and the price for the new tablet are unknown, but Shim did confirm that Google is starting production on an entirely new $99 tablet in December. Details about that device have not yet been revealed.

It seems like Nexus devices are coming out of everywhere now. We’ve already seen a couple Motorola devices appear in server logs with Android 4.2, as well as in Antutu benchmarks. The LG Optimus Nexus is just about confirmed and we’ve also heard of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, and the HTC Nexus 5.Please remember at this time of year rumors come fast and furious and we just deliver the message, so take them with a grain of salt till they are confirmed with Solid Info.


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