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Apple’s iPhone 5 is already in short supply due to the huger demand for the handset, and now it is possibly that there could be even more shortages of the iPhone 5, as staff at the factory in China which produce the iPhone 5 have walked out.

Foxconn have been forced to halt production of the iPhone 5, as staff are now protesting against working conditions at the factory,  This is something that has come under criticism in the past, although Apple looked into the working conditions and reported that they were satisfactory.  Apparently, Apple wasn’t thorough enough.

iPhone 5

The workers have walked out because they say that the demands placed on them are too high. The workers have become frustrated trying to prevent scratches on the iPhone 5 casing when the devices are being assembled.

There have been a number of reports by owners of the new iPhone 5 that the back casing is easy to scratch, and some have even reported that they have come with scratches on them out of the box.  It isn’t clear how long the workers will be striking for or how this will affect the supply of the iPhone 5.  Regardless of the negotiation procedures, I’m sure this is definitely a troublesome and worrisome situation for Apple management.  Apple will need to meet with Foxconn and come up with a new formula in order to resolve this strike. So far, It doesn’t look good !    What do you think?



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  3. scblair said:

    There was some pretty clear writing on the wall that this was going to happen eventually, given “scuffgate” and prior issues:

    And Chinese workers can’t simply just “walk out” of one of the largest manufacturers in a socialist country!

  4. scblair said:

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    Further developments in the Foxconn/iPhone 5/Scuffgate saga, courtesy TeknoNuz:

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