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Samsung ChatOn!This new messaging client has given the death blow to BBM, Whatsapp and iMessenger.  They have completely altered the landscape of the text messaging world.  Samsung ChatOn is the only messaging client that works across all platforms.  ChatON users can easily communicate using either their platform’s app or just a web browser. Accounts are linked, so it doesn’t matter what device you’re sporting, you’ll always be available.

Plus, while text messages are essentially laden with an archaic feature set, Samsung’s ChatOn Messaging app is free to roll out innovative features to users anytime.

Ho Soo Lee, Head of Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics said; “With ChatON, Samsung has vastly simplified mobile communication by allowing users to connect to our upcoming feature phones and all major Smartphones in the market,”. “Users around the world can now enjoy easier and richer interactivity with whoever they want, in the format they want—this is mobile communication reinvented and democratized.”

 ChatON supports 62 languages in 160 countries.

Smartphone users will get

  • “Interaction Rank,” which displays how active they are on the ChatOn network.
  • create animations
  • post comments on buddies profile pages
  • scribble text
  • add audio
  • change background pictures

Feature phone users will

  • share text
  • pictures
  • calendar
  • contacts and emotions.

ChatON is available on feature phones, smartphones, PCs, notebooks and tablets.  In the very near future devices will definitely preinstall the application.  Remember! It’s also available on the internet. The new web-based app/Web client allows users to have  1-on-1 conversations, group chat, supports attachments, emoticons and more. It will also will you to easily share content and conversations between mobile and PC. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

By Gérard M.B. Péan


Comments on: "Samsung ChatOn “RETIRES” BBM, iMessenger and Whatsapp" (2)

  1. Bangkok Rules said:

    Love samsung and obviously whatsapp is developed by a developer maybe including few smart guys but …. Samsung is TEAM you simply cant compete with them …. I am a loyal samsung customer …. So cheers and lots of life to samsung and team … Lets chat on 😀

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