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Intel is ready to start fabricating chips for tablets and wants to position itself to manufacture chips for all mobile devices on the market.  Krzanich told Reuters, “We will start to see more and more of our capacity and our output go to things that are mobile, like phones and tablets and other devices,” Cloud computing has created an explosive thirst for mobile devices.

Mobile devices will be a critical segment for Intel. Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group said, “While there are hundreds of millions of traditional x86 PC and server chips sold every year, the volume for ARM chips — the typical smartphone and tablet processor — is in the billions and growing at a much faster rate. Intel still has a lock on PCs and servers, but it barely has any presence in smartphones and is just now gaining a toehold in tablets.”

The traditional laptop and desktop are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  The home and business users are quickly getting addicted to mobile devices such as, tablets, ultrabooks and smartphones.  It’s no wonder why Intel is moving quickly to solidify its position.  Don’t get left behind “cloud computing” is here to stay.  Mobile devices such as tablets, ultrabooks and smartphones will soon become the new PC’s or should I say “the new computing norm”….more to come soon!




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