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Usually one of the main items to break on your phone is the screen.  What if you could have a phone that had an unbreakable screen?  Well, you’re in luck.  The top phone designers and manufacturers have been working hard to build a phone that not only have an unbreakable screen, but also allow the screen to twist and bend.  Apart from the screen, the phone as a whole will be completely flexible.

Samsung and Nokia seem to have taken the lead by promising to deliver these types of phones by 2012.  Nokia gave a sneak peek at a prototype device that lets you bend and or twist the screen.  Samsung showed off their flexible AMOLED displays at CES 2011 Las Vegas.  These displays are to be bendable, rollable, foldable, and twistable.   It’s amazing to see that these screens can even survive being struck by a hammer.  Finally, manufacturers and designers are starting to think about consumer needs.  I will have a follow up to this in the near future.


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