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Gmail makeover

Gmail’s makeover has been several months in the making. In late June, Google released the “Preview” Gmail theme as a sneak peek of things to come.  According to an official video that was  mistakenly posted to Google’s YouTube channel. Do you really believe that someone mistakenly put this on Youtube?  I don’t think so!!!  This is marketing at it’s best and it’s FREE.

Jason Cornwell of Gmail says “We’ve been hard at work to update Gmail with a new look”.   “We’ve completely redesigned the look and feel of Gmail to make it as clean, simple and intuitive as possible.”

Some things to expect from the revamped Gmail:

  • Search has been made more user-friendly. You can simply input text into fields to find email messages.
  • Gmail will expand dynamically to accommodate any window size.
  •  Themes will include high-definition imagery.
  • conversations /email threads — have been reconfigured for readability and will include profile pictures that we love so much. Gmail’s makeover has been a few months in the making. In June, Google released the preview of things to come.

See for yourself what the new Gmail is all about, click HERE

or go to the following link:!


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